If you are looking for a reliable, discreet, and trustworthy investigations service, we can help at Wings Security. We provide investigation services to individuals and businesses, with services tailored to your requirements.

The investigators on our team are ex-detectives from the New Zealand police. As a result, they are highly experienced in conducting investigations and they have an excellent knowledge of New Zealand law, including New Zealand employment law and practice. Contact us today to find out more.  

Our Investigations Expertise

Every investigation project is different, but there are general areas of expertise that we can highlight to give you confidence in our ability to meet your requirements:

The Team You Can Depend On

When you hire us to provide you with investigation services, you can rely on our honesty and commitment to working on your behalf. All our investigators are licensed and follow all relevant regulations, and we have excellent contacts and relationships with various government agencies and other organisations that can assist with your requirements.

To get more information and a quote for the tailored services that you need, please get in touch today.

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